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Dental Veneers in Covington, GA

Many dentists offer several ways to improve the appearance of your teeth if they have chips, stains or gaps in them. Probably the quickest and least invasive option is to get dental veneers to hide the flaws of your teeth and improve their appearance.

What are Dental Veneers?

Veneers are thin pieces of material, usually porcelain, that our dentists at Creative Dentistry of Covington in Covington, GA will shape to fit on the front of your teeth. They can hide flaws like chips, cracks or permanent stains. Most veneers look like natural teeth because our dentists can select a shade of white that matches the color of your other teeth.

Filling the Gaps

Although some people embrace the gaps in their front teeth, many others do not and want to cover them. Our dentists at Creative Dentistry of Covington can order the veneers to fit over and hide the gaps to give you a flawless smile. To get the right fit, a digital impression is taken of your teeth and sent to the dental laboratory.

Most dental labs use digital equipment to make sure restoration pieces, like veneers, have a precise fit. However, our dentists near you in Covington, GA may need to further trim or file the porcelain pieces so that their shape is perfect before applying them onto your teeth.

Preparing Teeth for Application

Despite the rumors that you may have heard about damaging your natural teeth to prepare for applying the veneers to them, the only necessary preparation is to roughen the surface of the teeth. A dentist uses a mildly acidic solution on the tooth enamel so that the cement that glues the veneers onto the teeth stays in place.

Once our dentists at Creative Dentistry of Covington in Covington, GA finish cementing the veneers in place, it will only take four to six hours before you will have full use of your teeth. Our dentists will provide aftercare instructions so that your dental veneers will stay in good condition and provide you with the great looking teeth that you’ve always wanted.

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