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TMD/TMJ Treatment

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TMJ/TMD Treatment in Covington, GA

As one of the premier multi-specialty dentists in Covington, GA, the team at Creative Dentistry of Covington can help you find relief from often-distressing TMJ and TMD symptoms. If you’re reading this because you are curious about TMJ/TMD treatment near you, the following information may help answer some of your questions. If you don’t see your specific question answered, please give us a call today to learn how our dentist in Covington, GA can help!

Breaking Down the Acronyms

Let’s first start by identifying the acronyms so you can better understand how TMJ/TMD treatment near you can help. Although many people will use the two terms interchangeably, there is a subtle variation. TMJ refers to temporomandibular joint disorder (specific to the joint), whereas TMD refers to a broader area of the jaw structure classified as temporomandibular disorder.

The Symptoms Often Mimic Each Other

Sometimes known as bruxism (a condition that’s characterized by clenched teeth), jaw disorders such as TMJ and TMD will typically display themselves through the following symptoms:

  • Jaw pain or tenderness that may spread to other parts of the face
  • Pain in and around the ear
  • Headaches when awakening in the morning or during a stressful day
  • Locking of the jaw joint when eating, laughing, or yawning

Because the variations between TMJ and TMD are so subtle, they do require a medical diagnosis for adequate treatment. A sure way to understand which condition is causing your distress is to make an appointment with our dentist, where you will receive a customized treatment plan for your exact disorder.

Eliminate Other Possible Culprits

The reason that TMJ/TMD treatment in Covington, GA requires a diagnosis from a dentist near you is that its symptoms can also mimic other dental concerns such as gum disease and dental decay. By making an appointment today with Creative Dentistry of Covington for either a preventive dentistry appointment to keep gum disease and dental decay at bay, or a diagnostic dental appointment for TMJ/TMD treatment near you, you’ll be one step closer to finding the relief you need. Simply use our convenient online booking tool to get started.

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