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Facial Fillers Dermal Injections

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Facial Fillers Dermal Injections

A perfect smile involves more than just your teeth. That is why Dr. Reddy at Creative Dentistry of Covington offers dermal injections so you can transform your gums, lips and surrounding facial features along with your teeth. We understand that cosmetic dental treatments and facial fillers complement each other, so we take a holistic approach by offering you both for your convenience.

What Are Dermal Injections?

Dermal fillers are injectable hyaluronic acid gels that increase volume in thin facial features or restore lost volume due to aging. They can also be injected into the gums to eliminate gaps between teeth.

Hyaluronic acid is a chemical found naturally in the body. It is produced by skin cells to hydrate and plump the skin, revitalizing the outer layer and increasing its elasticity and strength.

Using Dermal Injections to Volumize Lips, Cheeks and the Chin

As we age, hyaluronic synthesis slows, causing structure and volume loss. In addition, collagen and fat pads in the face shrink. The combination causes creases and folds (wrinkles).

Dermal fillers restore lost volume and contour and lift drooping skin. In addition, they fill thin lips, soften deep facial lines, decrease smile wrinkles, elevate mouth corners, reconstruct face shape distortions and repair scars.

Dermal injections can also benefit younger individuals seeking to plump certain features like lips, cheeks and the chin.

Using Dermal Injections to Fill in Dark Gaps Between Teeth

Small gums leave a black space between two adjacent teeth. This gap appears black and makes the teeth look tapered.

We can address these spaces using dermal fillers. The interdental gum tissue will grow to fill that void between the teeth.

The Advantages of Getting Facial Fillers From Your Dentist

Dermal fillers can enhance the effects of cosmetic dentistry. For example, a smile makeover may include tooth whitening, veneers, implants and orthodontics. After these treatments, you could opt for dermal fillers to address fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth or volumize thin and flat facial features for a complete transformation.

How Long Until I Notice Results, and How Long Do They Last?

Most patients report quick improvement and up to two-year results, depending on the product used. However, dermal fillers are not permanent, so follow-up sessions are required to maintain results.

Scheduling Your Covington, GA, Dermal Injections Appointment

To learn more about facial fillers in Covington, GA, or to schedule an appointment, get in touch with the team at Creative Dentistry of Covington today.

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