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Gum Contouring

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Gum Contouring in Covington, GA

At Creative Dentistry of Covington in Covington, GA, we provide gum contouring surgery near you to help improve the appearance of your gums. Gum reduction surgery helps reshape the gums by removing excess gum tissue.

Why should I get gum contouring surgery?

There are various reasons why people have gum contouring surgery done. The main reason is for aesthetic purposes – it can help make gums look more even or teeth stand out more. For example, if you’ve recently had your braces removed, you may be able to consider gum contouring to help remove some of the excess gum tissue to expose more of your teeth. While gum contouring isn’t usually medically necessary and is instead done for cosmetic purposes, it’s key in helping people who are self-conscious about their smile and want better-looking gums.

How does gum contouring work?

A local anesthetic will be used during gum reshaping surgery to numb the area, and the gums will be reshaped using a laser or scalpels. Since gum contouring involves getting rid of excess gum, it’s important that the dentist clearly understands what you’re looking to get out of the procedure. In most cases, you’ll remain awake during the procedure, and your gums will be reshaped. The entire procedure can be done within one trip.

Gum Contouring: Pain and Recovery Time

During the procedure, you may feel minimal pain as the gum tissue is being removed. Since the treated area will be numbed with a local anesthetic, the amount of pain you feel will depend on how much reshaping is needed. If the procedure requires minimal removal of gum tissue, you might not feel anything at all.

As for your recovery time, it will depend on whether your dentist used laser treatment or dental scalpels when removing gums. Generally, laser treatment is recommended over traditional dental scalpels as the cuts and incisions are usually more precise. Laser treatments are less painful since there is less irritation to the gums. While you will still experience swelling post-treatment, laser treatment contouring will have a faster recovery time. Both laser treatment and dental scalpels can get the job done; the main difference is the cost involved. Gum contouring using laser treatments is typically more expensive due to the equipment needed. Ultimately, you will have to decide on what suits your needs best.

Post-treatment care

Taking the necessary precautions is crucial for making sure your gums heal well. It is recommended for you to avoid hard foods for a couple of days following the procedure, as you’ll want to minimize as much irritation as possible to prevent additional swelling or bleeding. To ensure your gums are healing well and no infection develops, follow-up visits may be required. In some cases, antibiotics may be prescribed as a means to prevent an infection from developing.

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