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Teeth Whitening in Covington, GA

The foods and drinks that people consume every day can cause tooth enamel to stain and look dingy. Fortunately, teeth whitening can reduce the impact of most stains and make your teeth bright white again. However, should you whiten your teeth at home with over-the-counter products or have one of our dentists at Creative Dentistry of Covington whiten your teeth professionally?

Why Professional Whitening Solutions Do a Better Job

When you go to one of our dentists in Covington, GA to have your teeth whitened, they use a strong solution to remove stains from your teeth. The solution consists of either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide.

Although commercial whitening products use the same solutions, they are weaker because their concentrations are only between three to twenty percent. Professional solutions are stronger at 15 to 43 percent. At these strengths, professional whitening solutions can get teeth up to 10 times whiter than commercial products.

Faster Results

Along with giving you whiter teeth, dental teeth whitening treatments do so much quicker than at-home whitening kits. The whitening system that we offer at Creative Dentistry of Covington can get your teeth visibly whiter in just two one-hour sessions.

Commercial products often require several 30-minute sessions to begin to see whiter teeth. Along with being faster at making your teeth brighter, professional whitening at our offices near you in Covington, GA turns out to be less expensive because you won’t need as many sessions to get whiter teeth.

Custom Trays for Whitening

The fit of the trays that hold the solution onto your teeth is an important consideration as well. With commercial whitening kits, you are getting once size fits all trays if you’re using a whitening solution instead of whitening strips or toothpaste. These trays are a poor fit, and the solution may spill and get wasted instead of going onto your teeth.

By taking impressions of your teeth and then making the trays from those impressions, professional whitening trays have a precise fit for your teeth. That means a more comfortable fit and less wasted solution.

If you want bright, white teeth, the best way to get them is to visit our dentists at Creative Dentistry of Covington in Covington, GA for professional teeth whitening treatments.

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