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Three Types of Prosthetics Supported by Dental Implants We Provide

Three Types of Prosthetics Supported by Dental Implants We Provide

Mar 01, 2022

Do you have one or multiple missing teeth due to an accident or other reason? If you answered yes, then you need to consider restorative dental treatment. Dental implants near you are the best option because they are versatile and can replace one or whole set of teeth or everything in between.

An implant is a titanium post screwed into the jaw bone at the site of a missing tooth. It will begin to integrate with the jawbone and heal as the dentist places the implant.

After that, the dentist tops it with a crown that appears like an original tooth. There are many dental prosthetics that implants support. The implant dentist in Covington will help you decide which type of prosthetics is most appropriate for you as per your unique situation.

Dental Prosthetic to Use with Dental Implants

Dental implants near you support the following dental prosthetics:

Dental Crowns

Implant crowns are the most successful method to restore oral health after tooth loss. They preserve bone health as the dentist puts an implant into the jaw.

Moreover, implant-supported crowns function and appear like original teeth. They help patients accomplish a smile they are proud of and love showing off. These crowns let patients eat what they desire because they have the full chewing power like your real teeth.

Compared to dentures, patients do not need to utilize adhesives to put them in their place. So, implant-supported caps do not need to be concerned about improperly fitted or loose dentures affecting the bite functioning.

Implant-supported dental crowns can stay up to 25 years. However, proper care is important to extend its life after placement. Implant crowns are also effective in filling the spaces left by missing teeth. It prevents the accumulation of bacteria, resulting in gum infection or disease.

Dental Bridges

Implants bridges are the most common dental prosthetics available today. They are excellent for people that have lost two teeth or more than those located adjacent to each other. They provide the stability of a bridge and crown implant without changing the surrounding teeth.

Moreover, implant-supported dental bridges include abutment and implants to replace missing teeth permanently. During implant placement, Dr. Anitha Reddy adds a tiny titanium post into the jawbone. Once these posts get combined with jaw bone successfully, the dentist near you adds a tailored restoration.

Unlike conventional dental bridges, implant bridges offer a durable approach to tooth loss without damaging the surrounding teeth. Implant-supported dental bridges are also self-supportive. They do not require other teeth to anchor them in their position.

They are also effective at replacing the teeth’ roots, making them much more stable. Rather than being supported by two adjacent teeth, the dentist anchors implant-supported dental bridges by an implant. They also look and work like natural teeth. Furthermore, implant-supported dental bridges also prevent jawbone loss.


Dental implant-supported dentures are a perfect alternative to metal dentures. These devices are used for implants into the jaw bone to support a complete arch of teeth.

These dentures are snapped onto the dental implant posts directly. So, the dentist uses the jawbone frequently. It prevents sunken appearance in patients that occurs due to low jawbone volume in the mouth.

Implant dentures more closely copy the overall look and sheen of natural teeth. Each set of implant-supported dentures is tailored depending on the specifications of the patient. Once each tooth is created in the laboratory, it is transferred to the cosmetic dentist.

Implant dentures are also much simpler to replace and eliminate because there is no adhesive involved. Furthermore, implant-supported dentures can be used on the bottom and top to create a complete smile. Patients can also have a broad range of foods. It allows them to laugh, smile, and live life with full confidence.

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Losing single or multiple teeth can be a traumatic experience for anyone. It does not just affect oral health but also the self-esteem of a person. To restore both of them, get in touch with dentist 30014 at Creative Dentistry of Covington. The expert will let you know how implant-supported dental prosthetics can help with your smile.

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