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Brighten Your Smile through a Teeth Whitening Procedure This Friendship Day

Brighten Your Smile through a Teeth Whitening Procedure This Friendship Day

Aug 01, 2020

Routine brushing and flossing of your teeth are ideal for keeping your teeth bright, but there are other teeth whitening and smiles makeover options. You can improve the sparkle if your teeth and have an appealing smile through the teeth whitening cosmetic procedure.

Permanent teeth become discolored or stained as you advance in age, and you are an ideal candidate for teeth whitening techniques. Your cosmetic dentist will examine your oral health and identify the best whitening method for you.

Various Approaches Used During the Whitening Procedure

Your dentist easily assesses the condition of your oral health and determines the best treatment in dental whitening. During the exam, underlying oral health issues may be identified, and you require other dental procedures before undergoing teeth whitening. Severely stained teeth require additional treatment. Below are various conditions and how they are treated before or during the process:

  • Yellow teeth need bleaching through home-based or in-office options, but brown teeth resulted from excess fluoride may require other cosmetic options.
  • Stains from food and tobacco can be removed by undergoing professional cleaning.
  • If you have a periodontal infection, the procedure may irritate your gums, and you need to undergo further treatment before whitening your teeth
  • Whitening toothpaste can remove stains during routine visits to your dentist.
  • Bonding or use of veneers is required to correct damaged or irregular teeth, before achieving the whitening results.

Severely damaged teeth and jaw bone issues may require other orthodontic methods to offer a whiter smile by the use of crowns. Your dentist can recommend you avoid bleaching if you have tooth-colored fillings since the chemicals used can change the color of your filling material.

Other cosmetic options, including the use of veneers and teeth bonding, may be used based on your oral tissues’ condition.

Which Treatment Option Should You Go For?

Your teeth may become discolored or stained by drinks or the food you consume. Nicotine and smoking may form stains on your teeth. Some antibiotics also discolor your teeth. To ensure you retain a stunning smile, and it would be best to undergo teeth whitening. A teeth whitening smile is achievable using different cosmetic processes. Your dentist uses various ways to keep your smile bright, and they include:

In-Office Bleaching

It involves a single appointment with your dental clinic. Your dentist applies a protective gel on your gums to shield your gums, and then bleaching is done on your teeth.

Home-Based Bleaching

Your dentist recommends custom-made trays for whitening of teeth at home. You find instructions on how to use the bleaching solution, within a specified duration.

Stain Removal Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste has an additional polish to remove stains from your teeth. Unlike bleaching agents, the kinds of toothpaste don’t change your teeth color. With a mild scrub on your teeth, they are effective in removing stains and enabling you to have a brighter smile.

Recommended Bleaching Products

Your dentist may recommend you to use bleaching strips or other products to bleach your teeth. The agents may have a lower concentration and are suitable for your teeth. The products have to be tested to ensure safety and effectiveness in the whitening procedure.

It would help if you used the whiteners with precision to avoid damaging your enamel. You may experience sensitivity during treatment and irritation of your enamel, but the side effects are temporary.

Meet Our Teeth Whitening Experts in Covington, GA

At Creative Dentistry of Covington, we use professional whitening procedures to remove stains from your teeth. We use whitening solutions to provide you with whiter teeth within a short time. Our dentist renders the results in one appointment that takes about two hours.

Dr. Anitha Reddy recommends the use of custom trays for whitening. The trays are friendly to your oral tissues, and they hold the whitening solution placed on your teeth during treatment. The trays are molded to take up the shape of your teeth through suitable impressions.

We prefer using professional whitening trays since they fit your teeth perfectly and provide you with comfortable treatment. The solution applied in your teeth is not wasted. Please make an appointment with our dentistry in Covington, GA today, to brighten your smile and have whiter teeth using a professional whitening procedure.

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