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Many people. maybe even most people, believe that Covington dental insurance works just like health insurance. Generally speaking, that’s just not the case. Most Covington dental insurance plans are really a Covington dental discount plan, and not co-insurance the way we’ve grown up knowing health insurance to work. Each dental insurance carrier, like Humana or Delta, has a fee schedule … Read More

Recently at your favorite Covington dentist, a patient came in who had been unhappy with her smile for many years. She had chipped a tooth along the way and for many reasons was just unable to attend to the smile makeover she needed. When Dr. Reddy heard this patient’s story, she knew a Covington smile makeover was just the treatment … Read More

The term “root canal” strikes fear into many dental patients. But rest assured that this procedure is the best solution to many severe dental problems. It can be pain-free and will actually relieve pain and suffering from infections and dental injuries.   Why would you need root canal treatment? This procedure becomes necessary when the pulp, the nerve tissue on … Read More

Thanks for stopping by the Creative Dentistry of Covington blog! We’re excited to celebrate our 10 year anniversary of serving the Covington and East Metro Atlanta area communities! For over a decade Creative Dentistry of Covington has been making a positive impact on the community through great dental care and creating beautiful smiles. We’re proud to be here in Covington, … Read More

Performing dental implant surgery involves placing a metal post inside the bone of the jaw, and ensuring that it fits so precisely and functions so well that you never notice the tooth replacement — and yet it can last for decades. Does it sound terrifically complex or painful? It’s not! In fact, the procedure has a success rate of 95-97%, … Read More

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