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Use It Or Lose It – Why Do We Hear This So Much?

With many Covington dental insurance plans, benefits are available and expire each year. Generally speaking, you are allowed to see the dentist twice per year for “regular” visits. This frequency is intended to keep your oral health in check, and includes cleanings, exams, and xrays to whatever degree your plan allows.

When your oral health goes unchecked, little challenges can turn into bigger issues. At our Covington dentist, our doctors and hygienists are paying close attention to everything they see so that they can try to reduce the risk of little things becoming big things. A cavity is much easier to treat, and with more success, when it’s small. Coming in less frequently can cause a cavity to potentially evolve into a root canal.

Use it or lose it is the phrase you commonly hear to remind you to use your Covington dental insurance benefits before they expire. We know that smaller procedures and healthier mouths cost less to take care of and often reduce the amount you pay out of pocket. Larger procedures often are more complex and can bring on additional costs outside of most Covington dental insurance basic coverages.

We as dental professionals are also insurance customers, too. Our benefits generally look the same as yours, with coverages that expire and reset each year. We understand the need to manage those processes to make sure we get the most out of the insurance that we are paying for. Let’s face it, we all think insurance should cost less, and we all want to get the very most for our money. Use it or lose it is just a reminder to get what is rightfully yours because you paid for it anyway.

December is often a busy month for Covington dental practices, with many people trying to fit in the last visit of the year so they can use their Covington dental insurance benefits before they expire. We want to help you get what you’re entitled to, so let us get you scheduled early to make sure you get in to see us.

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